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Certified Robots in Industry, Automation, and Arduous Work.

Our cognitive humanoid robot is designed to operate in industrial manufacturing and logistics, in harsh environments exposed to psychophysical risks.

RoBee is a cutting-edge solution known for its versatility and user-friendliness, making it suitable for various applications:

Your smart

RoBee is the cognitive humanoid robot designed to assist people. He’s capable of handling all those strenuous, repetitive, and harmful tasks, promoting both physical and psychological well-being

Functionally replicating the mechanical structure of the human body, it utilizes movable joints and a comprehensive set of sensors enabling it to perceive and navigate its surrounding space.

Thanks to its sophisticated camera system, powered by artificial intelligence, it recognizes and distinguishes individuals, adapting its behavior based on the person it interacts with.


The world of robotics is an innovative and rapidly evolving field.
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5 Great Reasons to Choose RoBee, the Humanoid Robot.

Cognitive robots like RoBee present a great opportunity for industrial applications. Here are five reasons why RoBee is a cornerstone of the Industry 5.0:

RoBee can autonomously make decisions and safely operate in environments shared with other people.

Our platform’s web UIs make programming and operating RoBee safe and intuitive.

RoBee moves independently within shared physical spaces, and he is built to cooperate with humans as well as humanoids.

Certifications demonstrate Oversonic’s meticulous attention to the product in terms of quality, safety, and the environment.

He autonomously performs complex tasks, seamlessly integrating into various work environments within both the logistics and industrial sectors.

Italian Culture and Empathy in Robotics.

Culture and empathy define the essence of Italian identity. In 2020, Oversonic was born on these principles, a software company specializing in designing and creating cognitive computing systems applied in the field of robotics. Over the years, it has emerged as a benchmark for Made in Italy innovation.

Oversonic, empatia Italiana nella Robotica


Our mission is to assist individuals in tasks that are repetitive, strenuous, and potentially hazardous. We strive to develop tangible, innovative technological solutions for the industry by harnessing the potential of cognitive humanoid robotics.


Our goal is to establish cognitive robotics as a common good in the service of people, thereby initiating a transformative model for productive systems that prioritizes value, safety, and the protection of human beings at its core.

Safety and quality without compromise.

The certifications obtained over the years demonstrate the commitment and attention of our company to safety, sustainability and protection processes for its working environment. Among these, compliance with GDPR/ePR reflects our ethics, which makes respect for privacy and social responsibility a moral obligation.

Company certifications

Certificazione ISO di Oversonic
Certificazione ISO azienda Oversonic
Certificazione ISO 2015 Oversonic

Product certifications

Certificazione CE Industria di Oversonic

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