The Robot for Industry,
and Harsh Environments.

RoBee is the first cognitive humanoid robot Made in Italy.

Designed to serve businesses, RoBee aims to safeguard the safety of individuals in arduous, repetitive, and hazardous tasks.

It’s an AI-powered machine with autonomous movement, transferring its cognitive abilities into the real environment, sharing spaces with people.


Where Can RoBee Be Deployed?

RoBee can autonomously perform complex tasks due to its flexibility and adaptability.

It easily integrates into various work environments and sectors:

Through integrated powerful vision systems, RoBee can assess product quality by identifying aesthetic defects. Additionally, it can operate spraying systems, including pumps, guns, and paint mixing systems.

RoBee can assist healthcare professionals by interfacing with the Brain Computer Interface. It can comprehend gestures, facial expressions, and speech deficits, aiding physicians in rehabilitation therapies.

RoBee can carry out inspections within areas contaminated by chemical substances thanks to sensors that reveal environmental parameters. In addition, it is able to identify cosmetic defects using computer vision.

RoBee can manipulate fabrics. And is involved in quality control, measurement, and product verification.

RoBee can operate in various stages of plastic industry production, including demolding projects, loading/unloading, and sorting pieces according to standards.

RoBee is capable of picking, assembling, and handling objects in situations requiring utmost precision. Furthermore, it can handle repetitive tasks.

RoBee can service machinery for loading/unloading pieces. Is able to collaborate with CNC machines, Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMMs), benches, or inline systems for automatic testing.

RoBee is ideal for applications involving the manipulation of printed circuit boards and electronic cards. Thanks to the end effectors it can carry out high-speed picking and handling operations of small components.


The contexts of RoBee's usage
for industrial automation.

RoBee represents a viable solution in various production conditions, complementing human efforts by freeing them from repetitive, strenuous, low-value tasks in hazardous, hostile, and burdensome environments.

RoBee seamlessly integrates into various usage contexts:

Extreme temperature environments

Extreme temperature environments

Environments with toxic substances

Environments with toxic substances

Radioactive environments

Radioactive environments

Explosive environments

Explosive environments

Noisy environments

Noisy environments

Environments with inadequate lighting

Frequent handling of weights at variable heights

Object handling near dangerous machinery

Alienating and repetitive tasks

RoBee è il Robot Certificato

Environments with inadequate lighting

Frequent handling of weights at variable heights

Object handling near dangerous machinery

Alienating and repetitive tasks


What tasks can it perform in an industrial setting?

Equipped with sophisticated sensors and a wide range of functions, RoBee can autonomously perform complex tasks due to its flexibility and adaptability:

Utilizing advanced vision systems, it autonomously recognizes objects and individuals, interacting with the surrounding world through artificial intelligence.

Voice command functionality simplifies robot use. RoBee can learn, share, improve its language skills, and engage in dialogue with individuals.

RoBee offers cognitive bimanual manipulation with various options, including a humanoid hand, mechanical grippers, and pneumatic end effectors, catering to diverse needs.

RoBee enables remote control via a joystick and a dedicated console. Manageable through a browser, it allows users full machine control.

Through integrated sensors, RoBee collects cloud-based data and processes it using artificial intelligence, enabling comprehensive information management, service monitoring, and detailed reporting generation.

With the assistance of three cameras, RoBee maps spaces and autonomously navigates shared environments, avoiding obstacles thanks to its omnidirectional wheels and safety sensors.


RoBee can be directly connected to the company’s management system and ERP systems used to plan and manage all the key processes of an organization. This allows it to work independently.


Configured to interact with the machine control MES, RoBee provides real-time data to optimize production, identify weaknesses, and make immediate decisions. It can collaborate with CNC machines, Coordinate Measurement Machines (CMM), benches, or systems for automatic testing.


RoBee can also be used in logistics. It features characteristics that can be integrated into automated warehouses and, through connection to management software, performs product picking, supports the operator, and verifies shipment accuracy.


Thanks to advanced recognition and tracking systems, one of RoBee’s primary functions is handling objects and materials. The Pick & Place function skillfully guides it in manipulation through computer vision sensors.


RoBee can also be used for machine tending. It can pick up parts, place them in the machine, and communicate directly with the MES for quality control and separating compliant items from defective ones.


RoBee receives the bill of materials, collects the parts from the warehouse and places them on the trolley for delivery to the operator. Next, he takes them from the cart and places them on the test bench for flawless collaborative assembly.


It can perform measurement, inspection, and quality control activities on products. Furthermore, through the Oversonic Console, real-time streaming can be activated, a useful tool for company surveillance that aids staff in emergency situations.


Using the computer vision system, RoBee can fill boxes with precision and repeatability in placements. By picking actions and using customized terminals, it can pick various products from trays, containers, and boxes of different kinds and then box them up.

Thanks to sensor integration and a sophisticated computer vision system, the robot recognizes and understands how to grasp objects. In fact, RoBee has interchangeable end-effectors through which it can handle objects of different shapes and sizes.

The autonomous navigation AMR allows RoBee to move with the help of an advanced space mapping sensor system. Additional sensors for detecting environmental parameters can also be integrated to support its operations.

RoBee can recognize objects and assess their conformity to predefined standards, identifying aesthetic defects through its powerful onboard vision systems.

Through Oversonic’s cloud platform, RoBee collects and processes data from onboard sensors and, utilizing artificial intelligence algorithms, can share it with other robots in the same fleet. Additionally, the telemetric data enables reliable predictive maintenance.

We have the necessary certifications
for each sector.

Working in sophisticated fields of electronic and computer engineering requires testing, assessments, and the assurance of specific certifications. Safety stands as a fundamental prerequisite in every sector, which is why we hold the necessary certifications to access the global market.

Certificazione ISO di Oversonic
Certificazione ISO azienda Oversonic
Certificazione ISO 2015 Oversonic
Certificazione CE Industria di Oversonic

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