Oversonic research and development.

Research and innovation are fundamental elements for the future of technology.

The constant commitment to the introduction of new cutting-edge solutions and the integration of artificial intelligence into robotics are radically changing our world.


RoBee in the
medical and healthcare industry.

Cognitive humanoid robotics holds various potential applications across numerous sectors, which is why Oversonic has decided to initiate research and development activities in the healthcare industry.

This led to the establishment of Oversonic BioScience, a benefit corporation and an innovative startup based in Rovereto, within the Mechatronics Hub of Trentino Sviluppo S.p.a.

The Oversonic BioScience project aims to create a humanoid robot with specific functionalities and certifications suitable for its use in hospitals and other healthcare facilities. Some of the most prominent Italian research institutions in robotics and neuroscience are involved in the research and development activities. To learn more: