An intelligence
with a heart inside.

What’s the purpose of artificial intelligence? To be empathic and not artificial anymore. New intelligence managed from a software able to listen, dialog and able to integrate with the logic of humans to work.

To give humans something special: time for themselves and for their happiness. That’s the concept of artificial intelligence: generosity. An intelligence with a heart beating inside.


The social robot. The new relationship between humans and cognitive science.


The artificial intelligence that we develop realizes useful social goals. From the industrial environment to the management of difficult operations, even to harder tasks in medical field, for research, diagnostics, and patient care.

A sophistication that nowadays allows us to work with doctors and engineers in robotics applied to neuroescience. In the future, maybe, it will help humans to create a new form of artificial intelligence. IT security and the protection of personal data are our priorities: the use of big data and the growth of sharing-information could be possible only with GDPR Compliance. Respect for dates means respect for humans to us.

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Oversonic will be present at SPS Italia, in Parma, from 24 to 26 May 2022