Robee. The future
on a human scale.

2-year-old RoBee, fourth development iteration of the Oversonic robotic platform, is a self-driving humanoid robot powered by an all-new generation battery pack. It is 1.75m tall, with a weight of about 70Kg.

Operationally replicates the mechanical structure of the human body, with 36 movable joints and a complete set of sensors that allow it to see and navigate the surrounding space. The interaction is managed via a voice interface, capable of carrying out a normal conversation.

He has arms and hands that allow him to cover all kinds of tasks, from the simplest gestures such as pointing or counting, to a solid grip for handling objects. The Navigation system is entrusted to a complex algorithm based on depth cameras that through computer vision allow you to move easily and safely in spaces shared with the public.

The tracking system and the object recognition system work together to transfer to RoBee the cognitive elements useful for activating it in operation.
All this translates into both picking actions with the use of custom end effectors and, through a proprietary voicebot, into relational activities with operators (social robotics).

Main features

Height 1.20 – 1.75cm
Weight 75Kg
Footprint 60cm
DoF Value
Head 3
Legs 7
Trunk 3
Arms (2) 14
Total without end effector 27


Solutions Datails

Body Arm reach 86cm
Mobile Base Differential drive Ok
Omnidirectional base Ok


Connectivity Speed 1.2m/s
Operational Disable ramps
Operational Indoor/Flat outdoor
Wireless WiFi 6
Bluetooth 5.0
Autonomy 8h


Sensors Motors Actuators current/Force feedback
Body 4 depth cameras navigation
4 computer vision cameras NN
Head 2 streaming cameras
1 thermal camera


Audio Speakers 4 x 15W
Microphones 1 microphone array


Remote drive Oculus Rift
Aptic interface


Predictive maintenance Dashboard 12 interfaces
Data analisys Neural network 8 interfaces
GDPS Compliant
Autorecharge Yes Inductive
Supported end effectors OR/Robotiq/OnRobot/Others OR/Robotiq/OnRobot/Others



Industrial Non Industrial
Mobile base DD/Omniwheel/Mecanum Differential Drive/Omniwheel
Navigation realtime area (radius) 15m 10m
Lifting torso 3 DoF 3 DoF
Pan-tilt head 3 DoF 3 DoF
7 DoF arm Cobot humans/Cobot precision Cobot humans/Cobot precision
End-effector 12 different types, 1 hand, 7 D0F 12 different types, 1 hand, 7 DoF
Hands 2 industrial 1 humanoid / 1 industrial
Force/Torque sensor On all types On all types
Teach pendant Type Gold Type Silver
Telemetria 1kHz 1kHz
Voicebot (included) 3 languages 6 languages
Waterproof IPX4 No
Thermal Cameras Yes No
Humanoid legs Yes Yes
T range -10°C/+50°C Ambient
Certifications EMC-CE EMC-CE
Payload 3Kg 1,5Kg



Facial Recognition
Triage Covid mask control / greenpass ID card / temperature measurement / saturation
Realtime audio and video interactive remote video chat
Pick and Place objects from 3 cm in diameter up to 3 Kg
Transport of materials up to 50 Kg (with trolley)
Can work in an integrated way in coordinated groups (swarm)
Connection to all main business services through API
Historical memory of events
Night sanitation
Programming dashboard
Learning via user mirroring
Certifications Download the Oversonic company profile Download the press kit
Oversonic will be present at SPS Italia, in Parma, from 24 to 26 May 2022